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Mary's Character Sheet/ Bio in Description (WIP) by cutepanda88
Mary's Character Sheet/ Bio in Description (WIP)
About Mary: Mary is a half demon, but unlike half demons I've seen in stories, her demon side and human side do not merge to create one being. One side will have control of the body while the other will be stuck in the staying in the mind. The sides will constantly fight for control over the body until one of them is erased. The victor will take over the body over the body.


Full Name: Mary Collett

Given Name by Mother: Fleurette Abélard

Nickname(s): The Girl, Fleur(by her real mother)

Creepypasta Name: The Rotten Girl
Gender: Female

Age: 7

Date of Birth: October 31st, 1999

Place of Birth: England

Race/Species: Human/Demon

Native language: English

Languages spoken: French(when she's older)

Orientation/Sexual Preference: Pansexual

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Religion: Christian(past)

Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): no occupation

Are They Dead: No


Blood type: O

Mental Disorder: none

Phobia(s): Thanatophobia(the fear of death), Autophobia(fear of isolation)
Allergies: Peanuts

Habits: Cracking Knuckles

Powers/ Special Abilities: . She's immortal but can be killed by her creator(Satan)
                                            . Is very strong, but not stronger than an adult man or woman
                                            . A black substance(Mary calls it rot) will come out of her skin. It is very harmful to the                                                       person or thing that it touches.
                                            . Telekinesis


Height: 3'8"

Weight: 49 lbs

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hairstyle: Has long curly hair that is hard to tame.

Eye color: Amber
Skin: Brown

Clothing/Style: Dresses, lots of dresses
Physical Disorder/Disability: Asthma

Never Seen Without: Inhaler

Other: Eyes are black with white pupils when hungry.
            Is able to blend in with regular humans.


Overall: When Mary was still in her body, she was a nice girl who put others needs before her own. When Mary's body is taken over by The Girl she shows acts of selfishness and has no regard for others needs, she doesn't show any emotion besides this. However, as she grows up she learns about showing kindness to those who need it. She is very blunt which makes others dislike her.

Likes: Her stuffed lamb

Dislikes: Her brothers and sisters

Hobbies: Drawing(though she's not good at it)

Most Prized Possession: Mother's Music Box

Flaws: - Weak against holy objects
           - Can be bound to an empty vessel 
            - Asthma makes it hard for her to do physical activity(this includes chasing after her victims)
            - She's weak against the cold.
            - Weak against exorcisms

Pet Peeve: People lying

Worst Way To Kill: Quickly
Best Way To Kill (how they kill): Slowly and painfully making her victims go crazy before she eats them.

Targets To Killing: Rapists, pedophiles, bullies, liars
Crush/Greatest Love: Philia(deceased)
                                      Andrew a.k.a Andy
Favorite Season(s): Summer
Least Favorite Season(s): Winter

Favorite Food(s): Rotten(bad) humans
Least Favorite Food(s): Human food(has no taste to her)

Favorite Color(s): Purple
Least Favorite Color(s): Black 

Favorite Flower(s): Lilies
Least Favorite Flower(s): Roses
Favorite Video Game(s): Sonic(first game she ever plays)
Least Favorite Video Game(s): Mario


~(She killed her adoptive family)~ 


Name: Alexandrie Abélard
Age: 23
Gender: Female 
Hair Style: Short boyish style
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes Color: Amber
Skin Color: Brown
_ View On Him/Her: I only wish I could've seen her grow up....

~(Twin Sister)~ 
Name: Estelle Abélard
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Hair Style: Has long straightened hair
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes Color: Amber
Skin Color: Brown
_ View On Him/Her: She's my favorite out of all my sisters!

~Best friend~ 
Name: Philia Anderson
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Hair Style: Bob
Hair Color: Dark Brown(appears to be black)
Eyes Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale
_ View On Him/Her: Mary has a blunt personality, but that's what I like about her!
Status: Deceased

~Best friend~ 
Name: Napoleon(Leon) Milson
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Hair Style: Short with messy curls
Hair Color: Red
Eyes Color: Blue
Skin Color: Peach
_ View On Him/Her: Mary is a good person in her own way... I think.
Status: Alive

Notes: Mary has many forms. However, she can only turn into her full demon form if she hes eaten another demon.

Thanks Creepypasta-Misery for the bio sheet. I finally got to use it!
(OLD) Creepypasta OC: Mary Collett Biography by cutepanda88
(OLD) Creepypasta OC: Mary Collett Biography
I made even more changes to Mary. MORE. CHANGES.
I said I was halfway through with her story, but I decided to rewrite the whole thing at the last minute.
Yay! More work!
It's almost Mary's birthday, the day she was first drawn up. October 31st!
Now I have the power to finish her story before then!
Must get to writing!
Seriously,  why am I writing this journal  instead of finishing her story?


cutepanda88's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: New york
Favorite genre of music: J POP
Skin of choice: brown
Favorite Anime: BLEACH

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